Long Time No Post!

I have some things in the works my darlings, I just need some time to catch up! ❤


Before we begin, I just want to assure everyone that the pictures and content in the following post are real. Everything you see is pure unrated southeastern Indiana. For better or worse, (often definitely worse) this is where Tony and I choose to call home.  At the very least, it is sometimes too hilarious to fathom.

Welcome to Friendship, IN!

Twice a year, the flea market gods shine down on our little part of the country and bestow upon us The Friendship Flea Market.  Friendship has everything a regular flea market would have, and in most cases a whole lot more of it. Every year it is a complete mud pit due to the late spring torrential downpours. The creek also floods to create a vast array of delightful aromas lingering in the one hundred ten degree sticky humid weather. Sounds good, right?!

Here is the very first thing we see when we pull into the parking lot.

Just in case you can’t see it properly, it says HILLBILLY DELUXE in mailbox letters, with a confederate flag in the middle that says Git – ‘Er – Done! Get what done? Racism? I honestly don’t think that people around here realize what a horrible symbol the confederate flag really is, though judging by the amount of Neo-Nazi tattoos, maybe they do.

Here we are walking into the entrance. As you can see this is going to be amazing.

If you love beads, this is the place to go. There are at least 10 tents set up with tables and tables of beads just like this. Many are VERY expensive. But hey, I didn’t decide to write this post to show you beads. Though, speaking of jewelry, I present to you this.

YES. PIERCING. Apparently, there are people out there who will actually PAY someone to put a hole in their body in this supreme sanitary environment. AMAZING. At least holes heal though right? Right?

Tattoos?! Sign me up! Free hepatitis you say?! Bonus! I love being “pricked by a pro.”  ( Fun fact!: Last year Tony and I saw someone who actually got tattooed here. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was on her ankle, and covered in either dripping blood or red ink. She didn’t have it covered and was walking around in the dirt in flip flops!) In case you still don’t believe this is real true life I present to you exhibit A:

An open air tattoo tent, next to some trailers, in a parking lot. Looks like they have some customers! Sanitary!

Don’t get me wrong, Friendship has some cool aspects. One being that the National Muzzle Loader Association puts it on. These dudes dress in period frontiersman clothing and have actual real life muzzle loaders and shoot at targets. Friendship is also commonly referred to for this reason as “The Shoot,” and these festivities have grown up around it over the decades.

I like seeing this kind of thing there.  These people actually have a craft that they enjoy doing and make a conscious effort to better themselves in. But, for every booth like this you have five like this next one.

Notice the two hot pieces in this picture. Also notice that they not only sell DVD’s, but VHS, as well. Thank goodness!

It’s a good thing I bought a new pair of gigantic panties to impress Tony while we watch our super cheap VHS porn!

Right underneath the booth with the giant underwear, we found this.

More like Poopsi amirite?!

Next up we have everything to keep your woman happy.

Panties and cookbooks! But Kara, you say, now that I have one dollar panties, a cookbook, and some VHS porn, what will I cook dinner with? Don’t worry internet friends I have bought each and every one of you some of these.

Fretting about having a nice table scape?

I think any one of those salt and pepper holders will do quite nicely.  After your lovely meal, you can sit back and put the porn on the tube and relax with one of these!

THAT my friend is a one hundred percent REAL coon dick toothpick. I cannot make this up!

Friendship has more dead things than you can shake a coon dick tooth pick at. Seriously. Vegan, vegetarian, and animal loving friends, you might not want to look at what comes next.  I love animals, and though Tony and I both eat meat, we would NEVER purchase any of these items.

I lied, I would buy that dude, but only if he was wearing a sombrero.

Bag of weasel skulls anyone?


Perhaps some various animal feet? Skunk? Deer?

No? Still?

Well how about these?


Other oddities and dead things.

This next picture I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to post. It says they are made of bone resin. I am not exactly sure what that means. Regardless they look pretty real to me, and if they are, it is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Gorilla fingers.

Tony got questioned by the fellow who was running the tent with all the skulls if he was from a wildlife magazine. Then was asked to not take any more pictures.

Awww, look! They’re in love.

Lets move on to some of the latest fashions.

Bullfrog purse? Also pictured here are various styles of handbags fashioned from animal scrotums!

How about a hematite Juggalo necklace?!

Theraputic Hematite? How does that work?! While Tony was taking this picture, the gentleman running this fine jewelry booth handed him a pamphlet on the healing and soothing properties of natural magnetic hematite. I’m sure that’s exactly what the Juggalos are after.

That  just about wraps up my Friendship Flea Market post. Until fall, when I will have another amazing update.

The past twenty-four

Hello Again,

The past twenty-four hours have been well, exhausting. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mother and everything that comes with it, except, teething. Ugh. I really shouldn’t complain, but it puts a hurt in my heart so painful when there is only so much we can do to make it better, and even those things fail.

Emmylou is three (3!!!) whole months old as of the first and already has her first tooth barely poking through. I was really hoping to have those gummy smiles a little longer, but if a tooth is going to break through I just wish it would hurry up and do it already. Her mouth is still too small for most teethers so our (her) only relief is a cold dish towel, some tylenol, and baby orajel.

So today was filled with crying, gnawing on mine and her fingers, and her just wanting to be held. And not just held, walked around with me patting her butt held. If I failed to do just one of those things, like sit down perhaps, INSTANT screaming.

She did eventually calm down and Tony took over while I got some much needed sleep. Now shes all nestled into soft blankets, cozied up in her woombie, and all I want to do is hold her, and walk around, while patting her butt.

Happy third month baby Amelia.

Your Dad and I love you so much.


I need a good opening line!

Hello world! no. Gutentag! no. Hi.

Hi, I’m Kara. I am obviously new to this whole blogging thing, but I figured with a new baby and almost a complete lack of social life as of late, that I should give this a try!

We have a very awesome life. The best. I want to share it with you. Living in southern Indiana can be completely awe-inspiring, and at times completely dumbfounding. The following posts are events that take place in my every day boring and often hilarious life. I will feature everything from products that I absolutely cannot live without, travel pictures, my political views, and everything in between.

I hope you come along for the ride.